Conversations on Collecting is a virtual salon where art collectors and their champions come together to discuss their shared passion. Its goals are twofold: to celebrate the approaches taken by a wide spectrum of avid collectors while showing how easy and exciting art collecting can be for those who have not yet started down that path.

Conversations take the form of a monthly, edited digest where participants send in comments and ideas in response to a suggested topic then receive a single monthly newsletter by email. Participants may contribute as often or as seldom as they wish and may retain their anonymity and their privacy.

Conversations on Collecting is designed to gather stories, points of view , and perspectives for a project that may take the form of a book or other published material in the future. For now it is a way to build community and to share ideas. As the conversations grow in size and depth, so too will this web site.

It is our passionate belief that encouraging greater demand for original art among a broader segment of the public is a vital and effective way to improve this nation's cultural climate.


  At long last, we've released our inaugural Issue. (Whew!)

Also, Elinor sat down with collector Elisa Billings.