Our purpose
Our purpose is to promote art collecting by celebrating active collectors, providing new ideas and insights, and encouraging those new to the game.

We're planning many avenues to actualize this purpose; our current focus is to illuminate real-life stories and perspectives. As such, we've established a forum where collectors, both new and established, can provide ideas and inspiration for one another.

While these conversations are just a startŚwe envision publications, in-person salons, and certainly a much-expanded web siteŚmore important and more immediate benefits spring from building community around a common passion.

Help us test the notion that a populace that invests time and money
in art becomes wiser and richer!

  How it works
Conversations on Collecting works like an email newsletter where the subscribers drive its content. Each issue includes a question or proposition for the next month's discussion. That could mean reacting to a quotation, answering a questions, or telling a story or personal anecdote.

Subscribers may then reply with their submissions, which the moderators combine and edit into a single concise and coherent document that is mailed to back to the list. The newsletter includes the next month's topic and the cycle repeats.

Participants are requested to register for the service but that is the only commitment required. Subscribers may contribute as actively as they desire or they may just read the comments of others. The service is completely free of charge and will always remain so.
  To learn still more...
Contact us with any questions or suggestions at collectors@culturecurrent.com.
  Who we are
Elinor Buxton is an arts writer and development consultant who works with nonprofit arts groups across the East Coast to articulate their missions and programs. She has contributed artist-interviews and other articles to various publications and is an active curator. She serves on the Visual Arts Committee for ArtSPACE in New Haven.

Peter Krebs is a working sculptor, photographer, and community organizer. He exhibits regularly in New York and Washington DC and his photographs appear in small and medium circulation monthlies. He is active in the Brooklyn arts community and has organized a number of arts events and cultural tours.

Buxton and Krebs both hold Bachelors Degrees (1993) from the College of William and Mary in Virginia—Buxton in Cultural Anthropology and Fine Arts, Krebs in Fine Arts and Western Civilization.